On Purity and Perfection

The first edition of TheCoffeewoman is going up on the blog versus newsletter format as we’re working to convince MailChimp that our repeated references of women is nothing illicit. Funny, we had already chosen to introduce the issue with a note about perfection, which we’re totally letting go in favor of…

We’re overwhelmed by the positive response and in awe of so many others stepping forward, shining a light on and giving voice to issues of diversity and inclusion. There are some brave and beautiful stories coming forward. We seem to be at an important point in time—the right convergence of technology and a will for equality.

Yet stepping out, speaking up, or even just making the simple choices that aren’t “the norm”, can be daunting. Unfortunately, there is a lot of cynicism in the world. This week, in addition to The Coffeewoman posts, we’re inspired by this piece as a reminder of why cynics exist…because it’s easy. It’s far easier to sit back and wait for “purity and perfection” and much harder to do good work in a complicated world.

Which, is why we’re “…interested in the people who love the world more, and in what they have to tell us, which varies from day to day, subject to subject.” It’s why we’re encouraging and supporting coffee professionals to step out, speak up, and do whatever you need to do. We’re not waiting for purity and perfection, we support you now.

Laila & Tracy