A Community to Inspire

We believe change begins with inspired communities

The Coffeewoman was born, to a degree, out of restlessness. It just doesn’t make sense to us that we’ve yet to see a female World Barista Champion or that other industry stages, executive roles, and Boards seats continue with disproportionately few women. We certainly don’t want men to “dim their lights”, but there are too many talented female coffee professionals to justify the imbalance. So, we’re restless.

We’re also unabashedly hopeful

We believe there is an abundance of talent in our industry

We believe more of those voices should be heard

We are grateful to work in what is, by and large, a caring and enlightened industry

We think challenging context and framing is healthy and necessary

We love our allies (although, guys, we may offer some helpful tips every now and then)

We want more women in leadership roles

And, we want to see fewer barriers for women throughout the coffee supply chain

We seek to not simply acknowledge that gender gaps exist within the coffee industry, but find a way to close them. At The Coffeewoman we strive to develop the connection between woman and their voices. To give them a safe place and a platform. To advance the role of female-identified coffee professionals. Because it’s 2016, we’re restless, and it’s time.