about us

Studio_Session-196Laila Willbur is the Director of Coffee for her family owned business, Cherry Street Coffee House. Operating in Seattle for over 20 years, Cherry Street has 10 locations and counting. She currently serves as Chair of the Barista Guild of America and is the 2014 United States Barista Champion.
F1q9uraoTracy Ging is Vice President of Strategic Development for S&D Coffee and Tea, current Chair of World Coffee Research and serves on the Board of Directors for the Specialty Coffee Association. She received the SCAA’s 2016 Special Recognition Award.
Hanna Neuschwander has been colcr_hanna_neuschwander_opbphoto (1)mmunicating about coffee and science since 2004. Prior to joining World Coffee Research she was communications director at Lewis & Clark College, where she helped professors share their academic work with a wider audience, and a journalist focused on the intersection of coffee and culture. She is the author of Left Coast Roast, a guidebook to artisan and influential coffee roasters on the west coast of the US. She received the SCAA’s 2016 Distinguished Newcomer Award. She has presented about the history, sustainability, and economics of coffee at everywhere from Boston to Panama City. She is based in Portland, Oregon